Roche Diagnostics

At Roche we are using two features that The Patent Box currently offers. 

First, we've found the Public PAIR Monitoring Service to be a very efficient tool for tracking the status of competitor patent applications. Before using this service we were monitoring applications manually via Public PAIR, a tedious and time-consuming process.  With The Patent Box, this process now consumes only a matter of minutes each week. After their team updates our file wrappers, they send us a simple e-mail notification.  We're then able to quickly see exactly what changes have occurred in prosecution during the previous week.  The My File Wrappers dashboard also provides an easy-to-use interface for exploring file wrappers of applications that we are keeping an eye on and eliminates the need to navigate Public PAIR.   

We also occasionally use the File Wrapper Search tool to find and track cases that involve application of the latest USPTO Guidelines.  Until these cases reach the court system, searching file wrappers is really the only way to see how the new rules are applied. Being able to do a simple content search to find such cases has been very useful to us.

We're very happy with The Patent Box and their customer service is top notch - highly recommended.

-Olga Kay, JD, Ph.D.

Patent Counsel
Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.